One Motivated Mama Printable | Who you are...

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One Motivated Mama Printables | Who you are...



Quote reads:

"Who you are, and what you love do and see,

might just one day inspire someone else to be who they are,

to go where they go, and see what they see.

You are worth capturing your image,

right now, right here in this moment.

You are worth it." 


"Ana Brandt"




Purchase a digital version of our quotes which allow you to print at will.

Digital print comes as a 16x20-300dpi image file.


Print wherever you would like! Print on canvas, wood, paper, or on any other object.

Image shown is low resolution.

Once purchased you will receive a hi resolution file.


*This design and quote is owned by Ana Brandt of Anamaria Brandt Photography, Inc.*

*It is under US Copyright Laws and can not be altered or misused in anyway.*

*This image is not available for resale.*

*The high resolution image is available for personal printing only.*






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