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You can purchase a voucher for $69.00 and receive a coupon for $99.00 to use in our store www.shoptaopan.com.

VOUCHERS CAN NOT BE USED IN OUR ETSY STORE – only www.shopanabrandt.com.

You can use your code on anything we sell at www.shopanabrandt.com.

The codes will be sent starting Friday the 8th
Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your code to start shopping.
Please check your SPAM folder – most codes go there.


Purchase your codes exactly the way you would like to spend them.  If you want to spend 4 at one time, purchase 4 DEALS at one time so you receive 1 code for all 4 vouchers.  If you want to spend 2 vouchers in 2 separate transactions, purchase your DEALS in 2 separate transactions so you receive 2 codes.  We can not merge or un-merge codes.  Please plan your purchase prior to checkout.

In this DEAL, you simply purchase a voucher for $69.00 and then we will send you a coupon worth $99.00 to spend in our shop.  You will NOT receive any of the gowns in these photos for $69.00, that is NOT the deal.  Please read this carefully so you understand.

Your coupon will total however many DEALS you purchase, so if you want multiple coupons then you will need to checkout multiple DEALS.  Keep in mind you can only use one coupon per transaction when shopping in our store.  This is where you need to decide how many DEALS you want in one coupon.

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